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The camping on the way to the 5 Terre

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Bonassola is a popular beach resort near Levanto but with the characteristics of a small village, although different in nature from 5 Terre. 

During the winter does not happen practically nothing and only the arrival of tourists in the summer changes a little 'environment . 

For those looking for a little 'quiet and prefers to stay out of the most frantic, Bonassola is the ideal place to spend their holidays in a few minutes, by train, you can reach Levanto and 5 Terre. 

Has recently been inaugurated the bike path Levanto Bonassola- Framura enabling residents to travel 10 minutes to Levanto or Framura through a truly unique setting.


Bicycle path Levanto-Bonassola-Framura

pista ciclabile

Little gem of a site with friendly staff
Little gem of a site with friendly staff
Stayed there for a few nights during mid October. Very welcoming staff and all the amenities one would expect. Washrooms etc were all clean with plenty of hot water. Camp site is about a 10 to 15 minute stroll from the town / beach, this is actually an advantage as you don’t hear the church bells which ring 24/7 quite so much at night.
Stayed 3 nights staff nice and friendly
Stayed 3 nights staff nice and friendly
Stayed 3 nights staff nice and friendly. Small site but everything lovely and clean. Easy walk to train for the 5 towns of cinque terra.
Quiet little campsite
Quiet little campsite
Quiet little campsite shaded by trees. Good shower/toilet facilities
Very friendly camping
Very friendly camping
Very friendly camping, good prices, free wifi